"Where Psychology, Intuition, and Economics Catalyze the Future"

Economic Strategy Professionals, LLC


The results of our feasibility studies are objective, unbiased, and based on decades of experience.  We guarantee our reports will produce results, or you don't pay.  Furthermore, we aren't a cookie-cutter firm where all non-profits fit into the same box.  Our expertise and insights are focused solely on economic development organizations.


We raise money like nobody's business, to fund solutions to your organization's and community's challenges.  With more than 50 campaigns under our belts, with a collective raise of $326 million, we tap every potential resource including members, investors, foundations, philanthropic individuals, and grants.  In fact, we are one of the few firms in our industry with a FT professional grant-writer.


Tiered Benefits are the short-term equivalent of long-term return on investment (ROI) and are critical to ensuring your Economic Development Organization's Capital Campaign is a resounding success.  Tiered Dues refers to the Chamber of Commerce model that allows your stakeholders to choose the level of service they require, in stark contrast to the Fair Share Dues model which is anything but fair.  Our campaigns consistently exceed expectations because we are at experts in your business model and we know better than anyone else how to merge a campaign into it. Or create it from scratch!


Is your organization working in partnership with like-minded agencies or are you doing all the heaving lifting alone?  Would it make sense to merge with another organization or at least align in such a way as to reduce common expenditures while maintaining autonomy?  If you have questions let us provide you with decades of insights to help you navigate the many land mines you'll encounter along the way.


As practitioners, advocates, and Board members, we engage the challenges and opportunities from multiple perspectives and can help guide you through a multitude of strategic opportunities while avoiding significant obstacles.  We've written nationally published articles like, "Does a Rising Tide Really Lift All Boats", "Talent - the Currency of the 21st Century Economic Developer", and "Tiered Benefits - aka Short-Term ROI".  And as one of the authors of the Georgia Development Authorities Manual, specifically the Chapter on Strategic Planning for EDO's, we understand economic development both literally and figuratively.  Let us help you and your team chart a new course with the confidence you'll reach your destination on time and under budget..