“Lawrence and Elizabeth,

As your commitment to Rapid City comes to a close, I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work in creating our initiative of “Elevate Rapid City”. The work you have done here is nothing short of extraordinary. Starting with a very fragmented leadership group and a fund-raising goal of $4,000,000, you have far exceeded your goals and the goals of this community. You have done something that I told you in my initial interview was impossible here in Rapid City.

First, you have brought the Business leaders in our City to the table and fully engaged them in the initiative. I feel every single meaningful business owner in our community has come on board with their time and their dollars. This is simply amazing, considering the fragmented leadership you started with. The leadership is now poised and ready for positive forward movement in creating a dynamic, spirited community effort in multiple areas. 

Second, the funds raised are nearly double what the initial goal was. The hard work and tenacity of Lawrence and Elizabeth in raising this funding is nothing short of amazing. You have put together a very believable and appropriate program of our mission, our vision, and a package of objectives and goals that resonated with the community leaders and City Fathers. This has resulted in nearly $8,000,000 being invested by our community in making Rapid City a great place to live and work. Your personal hard work in this area can’t be overstated. You created and communicated the initiative, presented this to the community businesses one by one, and found incredible support for the program and possibilities you presented.

As co-chair of the fund-raising effort and now co-chair of the board of directors of Elevate Rapid City, I have worked hand in hand with you nearly every day for several months. Your expertise in bringing leadership together, fundraising, chamber activities, economic development, organizational skills, communication skills, and business skills I find to be extraordinary. You have made it happen and created success for our community. Thank You for this effort and for always being supportive and encouraging in this effort.”
Jim Scull, CEO, Scull Construction

“Your company was integral in designing and implementing a monumental shift in how we do economic development in Rapid City.  The experience Lawrence and Elizabeth brought to the process was so critical to moving forward.  They not only raised considerably more funds in our capital campaign but also approached a somewhat sensitive merger of organizations with tact and acumen.  Most impressive was the ownership they took in the process and outcome.  It was not just a job or a box to be checked; they sincerely and genuinely wanted what was best for the community.  I cannot imagine how we would have accomplished so much without them.”  
David Lust, SD House of Representatives


“Lawrence and Elizabeth McKinney were perceptive to our community’s personality and quickly formed bonds with key stakeholders. Their professional demeanor and experiences were evident when they raised more than double what was expected, nearly $8 million dollars and assisted us in guiding the development of formative governance documents and operational strategies.”
Sandy Diegel, President, John T. Vucurevich Foundation

"Where Psychology, Intuition, and Economics Catalyze the Future"

Economic Strategy Professionals, LLC


Lawrence and Elizabeth receiving the Kentucky Colonel Service Award from Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin.

Former Speaker of the House of Representives

Newt Gingrich

U.S. Secretary of State

General Colin Powell

Georgia Governor and United States Senator

Zell Miller


“Lawrence and Elizabeth McKinney were an excellent match for our region and its business community. Their depth of experience in economic development and fundraising campaigns not only allowed us to see results quickly but they provided guidance and support that will have long-term benefits to our organization. They were organized and strategic in structuring and implementing the campaign and their professionalism was the secret sauce that helped open doors and close deals. I strongly recommend them as fundraising professionals and ambassadors for the organization they represent.”
Beth Doughty, Executive Director, Roanoke Regional Partnership, VirginiaType your paragraph here.

“If you are looking for a professional group to handle your next fund-raising effort, the word is awesome for the Lawrence and Elizabeth McKinney team. Our region has used (a fundraising firm) on two consecutive efforts, and Lawrence and Elizabeth were terrific. Their knowledge, focus, perseverance, and professionalism were beyond reproach! It was indeed a pleasure to work with them. You will get excellent results, feedback, and spend time with great people!”  

Deborah Gray CEcD, Kentucky Utilities

“Thanks to Lawrence, Elizabeth and the entire team for a tremendous campaign that will put KYNDLE in a “best ever” financial position to succeed!”
Steve Austin, Mayor, City of Henderson

“Lawrence and Elizabeth, I was so impressed with your over-the-top efforts and the 3-4 meetings we had and you going above and beyond for our community and making it your home and becoming one of us.”
Chase Fulcher, Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance 


"Two of my favorite people: Lawrence McKinney and Elizabeth Hennen. Why? Integrity. Work ethic. Expertise. Honesty. Effectiveness. Enthusiasm. Sincerity. We miss them in Henderson."

County Judge Executive (Chief Elected Official)
Bradley Schneider